Chandler Massey Dishes On Dramatic Death Of Adrienne

As DOOL viewers know, he’s just learned from Ciara Brady that he’s innocent in the wrongful death of Adrienne Kiriakis. Adrienne was of course killed when her car ran off the road after someone swerved into her lane on Route 7.

Well, for a several months now, everyone has believed that it was Will who swerved into Adrienne’s lane, causing her to run off the road. Will was distracted because he was trying to phone his mother for Mother’s Day, and he assumed that he was the one who caused the accident. He confessed shortly after the accident and ended up going to prison for her wrongful death.

Of course, DOOL viewers know that Ciara recently found out that Maggie Kiriakis was also out driving on Route 7 that night, and that Victor Kiriakis and Xander Kiriakis conspired to keep that a secret, even though it meant that Will went to prison for the crime. Maggie was driving drunk and doesn’t remember anything that happened that night.

Well, that whole storyline was pretty intense, and recently Chandler Massey, who portrays Will on Days of Our Lives, spoke about the what it was like to find out that the character of Adrienne was dying and that it was going to be thought to be Will’s fault. Chandler was interviewed on the DOOL App, which you can download for free.

By the way, if you don’t have the DOOL App yet, you should. It’s a great resource for DOOL fans and frequently drops interviews with the show’s stars, plus it’s where you can catch the DOOL original companion series when they drop. DOOL has released two such series in recent months, including “Chad & Abby In Paris” and “Last Blast Reunion.” They’re worth checking out!

But getting back to Chandler Massey, he dished about Adrienne’s death in an interview on the DOOL App. “The crash happened on Mother’s Day, and throughout the day, Will had been meaning to call his mother…but various circumstances kept him from doing that. He was driving home at night and realized it was right up at midnight her time…so he thought I’ll just send her a real quick text and call her in the morning.”

Chandler continued: “Two seconds is all it took for him to drift into the oncoming lane and see some headlights and skid off the road.” Then, as DOOL viewers know, Will discovered it was Adrienne’s car and he assumed that he had caused the accident which injured both Adrienne and Sarah Horton.