Raw Breakdown: Sharon Gets A Special Gift

Sharon’s diagnosis was hard for her family, but especially for her youngest child. Faith took the news hard but is putting on the bravest face she can. She’s leaving boarding school and moving home to be by her mother’s side. And, she’s doing it NOW before her parents can change their minds.
She and Mariah are taking a sister trip to Sweden (on the Newman jet of course) to pack her things and say goodbye to her friends. It’s only one night, but she refuses to walk out the door without Sharon knowing how much she loves her.
Faith leaves behind a little gift to make her mom’s day. When Sharon finds her present, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Over at the ranch, Nikki and Victor are thrilled to have Faith moving home. Not only will she get to rejoin the ranks but she’ll be able to attend their big party too! NE is coming up on 50 years and Nikki’s planning on honoring her husband’s massive accomplishment. (Can you see a standalone episode with flashbacks coming? We sure do…)

Meanwhile, Nate catches up with Amanda, who is wildly curious about the inner workings of the Winters clan. How is everyone related? Who’s dated whom? And, most of all, what exactly is going on between him and Elena (Brytni Sarpy)?