Sally Needs A Doctor, Wants The Truth – Quinn Ready For Brooke’s Downfall

Some big decisions are on the way. Before we dive in, we should note that impeachment trial coverage is still affecting the show’s schedule. There could be more preemptions or episodes posted online, but these are currently spoilers for Thursday’s B&B episode.

Now let’s talk about what’s next for Sally Spectra. She’s been battling some concerning symptoms like shakiness and lightheadedness. Sally’s normally strong and healthy, but she’s just not feeling that way these days.

Of course, Sally’s stressed to the max since she fears she’s on thin ice at Forrester Creations. Her work hasn’t been up to par, so she’s had a lot to deal with. Wyatt Spencer’s (Darin Brooks) decision to break off their engagement certainly isn’t helping! Sally’s putting up a fight on that, which has given her another reason to be frazzled and off her game.

Even so, Sally will feel like she needs to get herself checked out. She’ll think it’s high time she puts her well-being fist, so she’ll head to her doctor’s appointment soon. Sally may try to tell herself everything’s going to be fine, but she’ll fear that’s not true deep down. This could actually be something quite serious, so Sally will have to brace for the possibility – as much as she doesn’t want to.

Katie Logan will serve as a friend to Sally as this Bold and the Beautiful storyline heats up. She’ll be someone Sally can confide in when things get tough, so that’s good to know! Sally will definitely need somebody by her side as she tackles this medical crisis in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) will take a firm stance against Brooke Forrester. Although Brooke got her way on the Shauna Fulton issue, Quinn won’t think that means Brooke can just walk all over her. She’ll make that clear to Ridge Forrester and Eric Forrester on Thursday, so they’ll grow concerned.