Several Lives Turn Upside Down in Bold and Beautiful

Sally’s life goes off the rails this week. Her career is down the tubes, her home life is a mess, and even her health begins to fail. It’s a rough road for everyone’s favorite heroine. Wyatt does the unthinkable and ends his engagement to Sally to be with the woman who helped steal his brother’s daughter. The breakup will blindside Sally and she’ll try to fight back but realize there really isn’t anything to fight for anymore.
Shortly after, Sally makes an appointment with her doc and receives unnerving news. She is sick, really, really sick. So sick that when she runs into Katie in the hospital hallway, she has a breakdown just seeing a friendly face.
After hearing all that’s going on with the stunning redhead, Katie goes to see Wyatt. Don’t expect this to be a friendly visit. Katie knows what it’s like to be ill and can’t imagine going through it alone. She warns Wyatt to make good choices right now. Things aren’t much better at the Forrester mansion. Tensions continue to rise between Quinn and Brooke, with Eric caught in the middle. He’ll have to pick a side and it looks like he doesn’t pick his wife!

In a shocking twist, Eric decides to send Shauna packing, which causes quite a rift with Quinn. She never thought her hubby would choose to appease his ex, so Quinn’s dark side will rear its ugly head.This means war and Quinn goes after Brooke with a reckless abandon. This is will be an epic showdown you will not want to miss.

Meanwhile, Thomas continues playing puppet master with everyone around him, including his sister. He can feel the endgame coming and he has Hope clearly in his sights.