Shocking Consequences Lead To Drunk Driving Horror

Quinn Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester will lead to shocking consequences. We recently saw Quinn remind Eric Forrester of Brooke’s alcoholic past. Could she spike Brooke’s drink? If so, could the shocking death and consequences be related to Brooke driving, not realizing she is intoxicated?

Brooke started a war with Quinn when she meddled in her marriage with Eric. It is also teased that Quinn not only partners with Thomas Forrester, but makes a bold first move against Brooke.

The whole war got started in the first place because of Shauna Fulton. Even though Eric has kicked her out, Shauna did give Quinn a warning. She cautioned her to be careful and not to go too far. However, with Quinn embracing her dark past, could she end up going too far? That is what some fans are speculating.

Quinn mentioned Brooke’s alcohol-fueled past to Eric. Nothing is said out of coincidence on soap operas. Could this have been a clue of what is to come? There is reason to believe that Quinn’s first attack on Brooke might have something to do with alcohol. Perhaps she will spike Brooke’s drink? If so, that could have devastating consequences for more than one person.

It is suggested that Quinn and Brooke’s war will end with shocking consequences. We also learned that sometime in 2020, one beloved character will die. Is it possible that the two are connected? Could Quinn spike Brook’s drink and will there be some sort of horrific accident due to that one act of revenge? In a cruel twist of fate, could the victim end up being someone Quinn loves dearly? Fans will just have to keep watching the CBS soap opera to find out.