Sonny Panics Who Is Trying To Kill Him?

A new round of GH spoilers brings us shocking news. The mob war has just broken call at Port Charles and nobody are going to be safe. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has a difficult time while trying to guard his family and at an equivalent time, tries to seek out out who has ordered the attempted murder that nearly cost him his life. His only relief is that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) remains on his side and is trying his best to guard him.

However, things are faraway from improving, and it’s likely that within the next episodes Sonny will face bigger threats and need to reach his limits to guard his family. within the middle of this mob war, GH fans wonder who ordered Sonny’s murder? Well, let’s analyze two possible candidates, both enemies of Sonny and wanting to kill him.

Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) returned to Port Charles a brief time ago, and although he seems to require to remain faraway from problems, we can’t forget how obsessed he’s with Sonny. Marcus hates Sonny and that they both have many reasons to undertake to kill one another . Why did Marcus return just before Sonny was attacked? Perhaps this is often nothing quite a hoax in order that nobody suspects him, after all, nobody would be stupid enough to show himself that way before ordering the murder of his worst enemy.

On the opposite hand, Marcus’s return might be a writer’s idea to feature more drama to the mob war plot. Sonny must feel very distressed after the shooting, and therefore the person who involves his mind is probably going Marcus. Will Marcus Taggert be the mastermind behind the attempted assassination of Sonny Corinthos?

Ok, this might be a really crazy idea, but GH writers love crazy things and this type of dramatic twists. Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) is one among the worst villains that Port Charles has stepped on, and although she is currently locked within the D’Archam asylum she could also be truth mastermind behind the shooting that nearly ended Sonny’s life.

We have to recollect that Sonny threatened Olivia to kill her if she came back to Port Charles again. Olivia may be a true crime-master and therefore the former mafia leader of the Jerome family. She is an expert in manipulation, blackmail, and assassination attempts are something she loves. Olivia may be a true cold-blooded killer! Did she order to kill Sonny to organize her to return to Port Charles and become the new Mafia queen?

We can’t rule out that Olivia has escaped from the D’Archam asylum and is now preparing an idea to finish Sonny once and for all!