Will Maintains Boo Status By Shedding His Shirt and Helping Ben Escape With Clyde

Princess Gina snuggles up to John when he learns of Marlena’s “death”. That sound you hear is Twitter angels tweeting as Eric and Nicole revisit together. Ciara continues to be Nancy Drew and stumbles on some evidence about Jordan’s death.

Chad and Abs snoop around until they find a portrait of what seems to be her Uncle Steve, then question Kristen. Clyde really wants Ben to travel on the lam with him.

Rafe and Roman board a jet to the Czech Republic . “Steve” lets his Queen of the Night know he’s actually Stefano; then kisses her.
Xander and Sarah get nekkid. Lani and JJ continue their collaboration to require down Gabi.

Victor makes a call to Jeannie Theresa (Don’t call me Jeannie).

Gabi freaks out at the prospect of losing remote of Julie’s ticker.
Kristen and Brady reunite.

Jack and Jennifer Rose get all the tea about her devastating fall.

Princess Gina slips John a mickey; then, kisses him.

Will helps Clyde and Ben hit the road.