Willow Terrified Of How Far Nelle Will Go – Takes Wiley And Leaves PC?

General Hospital spoilers expose the fact that the show’s baby switch drama is heating up exponentially with the release of parolee Nelle. The fact that she got early parole is driving Port Charles residents mad, but there’s no denying she’s heating up several sizzling plotlines.

Of course, at the rate she’s making enemies, Nelle’s chances of reclaiming her son look slim to none. A whole host of individuals are gunning to take down the slippery minx, including Carly, Chase, and Willow.

While all of the Nelle haters have reason to want to take her down, none have more at stake than Willow, who may get it in her head to pull off a jaw-dropping end-around on Nelle.

The drama Nelle is kicking up revolves around a very public row over her supposed inheritance of ELQ shares. No one is happy with her insistence that she is the rightful heir of Oscar’s shares.

But she’s also pushing buttons in a very private conspiracy that only a few people are in on, and this may be the thing that causes her ultimate undoing.

As GH fans know, Nelle is actually the biological mother of adorable Wiley. At the moment his world has been shaken by the illness and absence of dad Lucas. Dad Brad is one nail bite away from implosion trying to deal with Luca’s illness, being a single dad and keeping Nelle’s secret.

Of course, Brad doesn’t want to lose the baby, but Nelle’s presence and needling aren’t helping his peace of mind.

There’s also the fact that no one wants Nelle near Wiley, especially Willow who thinks she is actually the baby’s bio mom. Will Willow’s momma bear instincts push her to do something drastic?

For the moment the plan to contain Nelle and keep her away from Wiley hinges on Michael’s invitation for Nelle to stay at the mansion. This way he can keep an eye on her and calm Willow who is aghast that the evil lady can have access to “her” son.

Joss has suggested revoking Brucas’ adoption, allowing for Willow to reclaim her son, but Michael thinks that would be impossible.

In the meantime, Nelle is taking every opportunity to taunt Willow about her supposed loss. Willow is also concerned that Brad won’t be able to take care of Wiley much longer given his fractured state of mind.

Willow is not one to tolerate unfairness, as she showed when she was still teaching. Is she about to take matters into her own hands and leave Port Charles with Wiley?