Young and Restless Chelsea Overhears Adam and Chance

Billy and Victoria reached a decision, Victor tipped his hand, Sharon took a break, and Chelsea got a clue regarding what she’s in for with Adam.

Billy contemplated a return to gambling. He texted Amanda, who wasn’t interested in listening to him whine anymore. So Billy came home, where he attempted to whine to Victoria about how he is tired of her judging him.

At the ranch, Nikki shared Victoria’s concerns about Billy, and Victor stomped about how much better off their daughter will be without her Billy Boy. Later, Victor received pictures of Billy with Amanda, and an offer to learn more about Amanda’s past.

Meanwhile, Adam and Chelsea are out on a date. (Remember how poor Connor used to have to be with both parents every minute or else he’d turn on the waterworks? Yeah, he’s either over that now, or his parents no longer care.)

Nick told Chelsea he doesn’t mind her being with Adam… but he does mind that Adam will inevitably hurt her again.